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Smile Gallery


smile gallery-1

This young Lady had moderate staining and decay on her anterior teeth. After cleaning the decay and whitening the teeht, the six anterior teeth were veneered with porcelain laminates. She is very pleased with the she received to complete her beautiful new smile.

This lady was unhappy with her smile, her dentition was rejuvenated with new all porcelain crowns. The patient is very satisfied with her brighter, younger smile.

Teeth Whitening

smile gallery-2

This young Lady had moderate staining on her upper teeth. She was Pre-treated with whitening trays and patient had one hour in-office whitening. Whiter teeth by 8 shades!

Single Tooth Veneer

smile gallery-3

This young man broke his front tooth while playing football, his tooth was restored with a single tooth veneer matching the shape and the color of his adjacent tooth.

This Teenager is congenitally missing his right lateral incisor. The tooth was replaced with a crown over an implant fixture restore the missing tooth.

Full Immediate Dentures

smile gallery-4

This Lady was suffering from pain, broken and unrestorable dentition. Her smile and function was restored with immediate full upper and lower dentures. Picture was taking immediately after surgery and insertion.

Full Mouth Reconstruction

smile gallery-5

This Lady was suffering from missing and broken dentition. Her mouth was restored with full upper denture, fillings, crowns and partial lower denture. Cosmetics and functionality were met on a very tight budget.

These old leaking and broken amalgam ( silver / mercury) fillings were replaced with white naturally looking bonded resine fillings.

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